Album Review: Dead Rock Star

Aaron Kupferberg, Powerpopaholic

March 18, 2015

Atlanta-based veteran singer/songwriter Steve Baskin (The Cindy Wilson Band, The Hippycrickets, HugoAgogo) has a new solo LP. His unique mix of southern fried power pop reminds me of Matthew Sweet, John Mayer, and Brad Brooks.

It's got a big bass guitar sound on the opener "Kissed Me Forever," similar to Joe Walsh and it makes a great impression. "Single Think About You (Chinchilla)" is another great song with a steady riff under each verse and a killer guitar solo. He shifts gears on "I'm Down" to the lovelorn singer songwriter, but we go back to rock on the dynamic title track. He's a skilled balladeer on "Nobody Died Today" and bluegrass picker on "If I Died Today (I'd Still Be Young)." He even does a countrified cover of "Killer Queen."

Together it's a pretty varied mix of styles that somehow works. Overall a superb showcase for his talent.”