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Great fun at Milton's Patriot Day Chow Down on Sunday.
Excellent food. Beer, wine and hundreds of friends. Nice party, Milton's!

Solo acoustic set at Hightower Creek Vineyards in the North Georgia Mountains.

It was a great time in July rocking out on the acoustic in the mountains and enjoying the wines of Hightower Creek Vineyards. I'll be back up there on October 15th when the leaves are changing. So come on up.

Solo acoustic set at the 5 Seasons at the Prado. 
Steve's Live Music Presents has invited me to play the Prado at 7:30P on Friday, April 29. Opening for a Simon and Garfunkel tribute duo, and I promise to play some appropriate covers for the set. Best beer in town, great food and music you'll love. What fun!

Best of 2015 Lists for Dead Rock Star
Absolute Power Pop and International Pop Overthrow have included Dead Rock Star on their respective Best Albums of 2015 lists. Thanks guys!

500 Songs for Kids
I don't know how many of these we've done now, but this year's song is Penny Lane. We're supporting Josh Rifkin's wonderful Songs for Kids Foundation. You can too! Click here to donate.

Fun night at Steve's Live Music
Always fun to play Steve's Live Music. And here, we debuted the new band with Alex Slinin, Michael Sherman and Michael Lucker. 

Again, Best of 2015

Pop Geek Heaven/Not Lame Recordings have included Dead Rock Star in their Best of 2015 compilation. Specifically, Single Thing About You (Chinchilla) is one of 20 tunes on the record. The CD will be available in February at Pop Geek Heaven.

Love me some Bob Welch (RIP)
I just released a cover of Bob Welch's Sentimental Lady. It's here as a download and free with a purchase of Dead Rock Star. I can't say how many times I listened to that song when I was a kid, but I just love it. Let us know what you think on FaceBook.

International Pop Overthrow - Atlanta.
We'll be playing the Atlanta edition of IPO on Saturday, December 5 at Red Light Cafe in Atlanta. We've got Michael Sherman on bass, Michael Lucker on drums and the incomparable Kenny Howes sitting in on the blazing power pop guitar. Will be 30 minutes of rockin'. Come on out.

Dead Rock Star is really strong from the start until the end.
Says Paul Hasting at The Soul of a Clown in the UK. Thanks for the kind words and for spreading the love in London.
       If we’re honest, Steve Baskin pretty much won us over when we read that we’d hear a lot of influences in his music from KISS to Cheap Trick to Johnny Cash to Lyle Lovett. Let alone that it is described as “energetic pop and Americana rock and roll”. A little bit of added interest is also provided by the fact that it is a quasi soundtrack to a film script that he’s working on.
       The album begins on a real bright note with “Kissed Me Forever” which has some almost glammy chops before we hit a real pop/rock gem. <more>

500 Songs for Kids.
We're playing "Can't Buy Me Love" at The Vinyl/Center Stage on April 17. Come see us and 49 other bands playing 49 other great tunes. It's always a blast.

Overall a superb showcase for his talent.
Super cool review on Dead Rock Star from Powerpopaholic.

Atlanta-based veteran singer/songwriter Steve Baskin (The Cindy Wilson Band, The Hippycrickets, HugoAgogo) has a new solo LP. His unique mix of southern fried power pop reminds me of Matthew Sweet, John Mayer, and Brad Brooks.
       It's got a big bass guitar sound on the opener "Kissed Me Forever," similar to Joe Walsh and it makes a great impression. "Single Think About You (Chinchilla)" is another great song with a steady riff under each verse and a killer guitar solo. He shifts gears on "I'm Down" to the lovelorn singer songwriter, but we go back to rock on the dynamic title track. He's a skilled balladeer on "Nobody Died Today" and bluegrass picker on "If I Died Today (I'd Still Be Young)." He even does a countrified cover of "Killer Queen." Together it's a pretty varied mix of styles that somehow works. Overall a superb showcase for his talent.

One of 2015's early best.
Very nice words from Absolute Power Pop. 

This Atlanta-based singer-songwriter is back with his third album, and this one is the best of the lot. It has a "big" sound, with big hooks and big melodies that remind me of fellow Atlantan Butch Walker. The opening 1-2 punch of "Single Thing About You (Chinchilla)" will leap out of your speakers, and Baskin has some facility with a ballad too ("Nobody Died Today"). Plus there's a pretty good cover of "Killer Queen" thrown in the mix. One of 2015's early best.

Valdosta Daily Times coverage.
More nice words from Dean Poling and the Valdosta Daily Times. Dead Rock Star: Baskin alive, well on new CD. <more>

Dead Rock Star is here!
The new record is available at CDBaby, iTunes and here. 

Mastering is the happiest day of the year when you're making a new record.
Colin Leonard at Sing Mastering just put the final touches on Dead Rock Star. Check it out here.

Colin Leonard mastering Dead Rock Star.

Rich Herring and John Behrens mix/produce Dead Rock Star.
Finishing up the mixes for the new record.  Rich Herring (Little River Band lead guitarist) and John Behrens really brought the songs to life. Thanks guys!

Rich at Trax Productions finishing up Dead Rock Star.


John at Trax Productions working on Precious.

Dead Rock Star sessions.
Thanks to Scott Shiflett, Brian Hudson, Zoot Blasingame, Rich Herring, Charley Mishalaney, Bill Fleming, Patrick Rusert, Lester Walker, Wayne Killius, Dow Tomlin and Doug Carter for all the great tracks on Dead Rock Star.

Steve at Underground Studio finishing up vocals.


Bill Fleming laying the pedal down on If I Died Today.


Steve and Scott acting like they're working.


Brian pounding it at Gaslight.


Joe Kay and Steve Gascione at Gaslight.

A night of playing with Legends while Playing on the Planet.
Steve joined Playing on the Planet at 3rd and Lindsley in Nashville. It was a night filled with the best bluegrass players and bands in the industry. Kudos to Lisa for being able to snag the best gigs.

With Playing on the Planet at 3rd and Lindsley in Nashville.

Steve's cover of I Think I Love You is charting at number 3 on WOCO in Oconto, WI and in the top 10 on WVOF in Bridgeport, CT.

Songs from Naked have played on more than 50 radio stations. 
Still in rotation on quite a number of stations, Catch Me If You Can, I Think I Love You, My Empty House and even Something Smells Fishy have gotten spins on thirty-eight stations around the US -- Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Calfornia, Connecticut, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Nebraska, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Washington, Wisconsin and Wyoming.  Thanks to Randy Saad and the folks at Protocol Entertainment for their hard work.

In-Studio Appearance on 94.7 WDEC-FM in Americus on June 24.  What a great way for Steve to spend his birthday afternoon.  Steve talked about the making of Naked.  Gave shout outs to the band and played Catch Me If You Can and I Think I Love You.  Thanks to Thurston Clary and the gang at WDEC-FM for the spins and support.  Thurston also said that he was taking a listen to Float on Down for their country station.  That'd be a first!

Steve's back on the radio with 12 new stations!  Listen out for Catch Me If You Can from Steve's latest album Naked.  We're getting played in California, Georgia, Iowa, Minnesota, New York, Nebraska, Oregon, Wisconsin and Wyoming.  Check out KFMI-FM in Eureka, CA; KBPK-FM 90.1 in Fullerton, CA; WDEC-FM 94.7 in Americus, GA; KLDR-FM in Grants Pass, OR; KQCR-FM 98.9 in Hampton, IA; WKNY in Kingston, NY; KKCK in Marshall MN; WOCO in Oconto, WI; WRCO in Richland Center, WI; KXXO in Olympia, WA; KSID in Sidney, NE; and KZEW in Wheatland, WY.

Steve opens for GRAMMY Award-winning artist Rob Thomas of Matchbox 20.  There are plenty of challenges to playing a set at 9:30AM, but what a great way to wake up!  Thanks to everybody for the great reception to the songs.  Was stoked to meet Rob ahead of our set this morning.  And what a great set he put on. Help us out by introducing your friends to our music and come out to see us live!


Steve, Alex and Zoot at Live Earth.

Rob Thomas at Live Earth in Atlanta.

Nice words from Awaken Music about Naked  If its textured Americana alt/pop-rock that you're into, then you'll dig Naked, by Atlanta-based, Steve Baskin. Surrounded by a stellar band, they create soundscapes that accurately articulate each song and Baskin's vocals.
       Album opener, Catch Me If You Can, is overly poppy, and lends itself to all listeners. It comes across like a blend of Counting Crows and Blue October. Later track, A Day in My Shoes seductively explodes with a great, soaring lead guitar riff. The melodies aren't quite as singable, but the hooks come at you one after another.
       Something Smells Fishy belongs main stage at Bonnaroo. It's jammy and catchy all the same. Clearly, these guys know their way inside a studio. Their sounds are solid, and they all complement each other song after song.

Catch Me If You Can was the #10 most added tune in the US on the ACQB charts for the week of August 24!

Catch Me If You Can is on the radio. 
The opening tune from Steve's new album Naked is on the radio.  Just added on KLBQ-FM in El Dorado, Arkansas; KSPI-FM in Oklahoma City, OK; WOCO-FM in Oconto, WI; WQXQ 101.9 FM in Greenville, KY; KBMO 93.5 FM in Benson, MN; WSQL 1240 AM in Brevard, NC; KYFM 100.0 FM in Bartlesville, OK; KCBZ 94.9 FM in Seaside, OR (playing Naked too!); KYTI 93.7 FM in Sheridan, WY and WCMJ 96.7FM in Cambridge, OH -- we're doing CD give-aways beginning next week in Cambridge.

Steve's new album Naked is now available at, iTunes, Amazon and right here.  Steve has finished up work on Naked, the follow-up to his debut album I Sometimes Think.  The new record continues down the path that his debut album, I Sometimes Think, began with singer/ songwriter power pop spiced with a bit of Southern fried seasoning, and he has expanded his range with new styles, sounds and themes. While I Sometimes Think largely explored emotions around love and relationships, Naked’s themes run all over the place – love; love gone bad; running; the stress of the office; the Zen of the river; runaways; prostitution; and death. 


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